AI Safety Camp is a 10-day research workshop for those hoping to launch into a career in AI safety research.

If you are a young AI researcher or hoping to switch careers into AI safety, then you should consider applying to participate in the next AI Safety Camp. Most camps involve a multi-week collaborative research phase, followed by a 10-day intesive retreat aimed at turning your team’s research into a publishable research paper. AI Safety Camps are volunteer-run and fully funded by the Center for Effective Altruism’s Long Term Future Fund.

For in-depth information about the camp, see the blog post describing the first camp. If you would like to support the camp financially, please see here for relevant information.

Upcoming camps:

AI Safety Camp Toronto, Canada
May 2020
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AI Safety Research Program, UK/Czech Republic
Nov 2019, Feb 2020
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Past camps:

AI Safety Camp Avila, Spain
May 2019
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AI Safety Camp Prague, Czech Republic
October 2018
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AI Safety Camp Gran Canaria, Spain
April 2018
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