What is the AI Safety Camp?

Would you like to work on AI safety or strategy research and are looking for a concrete way to get started? We are organizing this camp for aspiring AI safety and strategy researchers. At the camp, you:

  • build connections with others in the field
  • build your research portfolio
  • receive feedback on your research ideas and help others with theirs
  • make concrete progress on open AI safety research questions

Read more about the previous camps here.

What’s the structure of the camp?

The camp is preceded by 7 weeks of preparation in form of an online study group of 3-4 people, followed by a 9-day intensive camp with the aim of creating and publishing a research paper, extensive blog post, or github repository. 

What will we work on?

Participants will work in groups on tightly-defined research projects, for example in the following areas:

  • Strategy and Policy
  • Agent Foundations (decision theory, subsystem alignment, embedded world models, MIRI-style)
  • Value learning (IRL, approval-directed agents, wireheading, …)
  • Corrigibility / Interruptibility
  • Side Effects, Safe Exploration
  • Scalable & Informed Oversight
  • Robustness (distributional shift, adversarial examples)
  • Human Values (including philosophical and psychological approaches)

(See research summaries from previous camp here)

When and where?

The third AI Safety Camp will take place between 26th April – 5th May, 2019. Near Madrid, Spain.

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Attendance is free! 

More questions?

Check out the FAQ section of this website. If in doubt, contact us at

Ready to apply?

Applications are open till  13. 1. 2019 (12pm CET) 
application deadline has been postponed till 21. January 2019!
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