About Us

Organizers of the AI Safety Camp are volunteers and mainly past participants.

Current organizers

Remmelt Ellen (Main coordination)
Remmelt is coordinator of the third AISC, working with the team leaders to remove any bottlenecks to awesome. He has run various retreats and conferences since 2015. In his daily work at Effective Altruism Netherlands, he initiates ambitious projects that service the overlooked needs of people committed to doing good better.


Sabrina Kavanagh (Applications)
Sabrina is Applications Lead & an overall coordinator for AISC3. She took part in AISC2, working on using preference types frameworks to model human values.



David Lindner (Topic coordination)
David is a masters student in data science at ETH Zürich. He has a background in physics and his current research interests include robustness and interpretability of machine learning and reinforcement learning. David participated in the second AI Safety Camp and is responsible for topic generation and team formation for the next camp.


Fabian Steuer (Topic coordination)
Fabian is responsible for the topic generation and team formation for the Third AI Safety Camp. He participated in the second camp, where he worked on creating a feature visualization framework for deep reinforcement learning. Having studied physics, philosophy and public policy, Fabian currently works as a data scientist in Dublin.


Kristina Nemcova (Participant coordination)
Kristina is part of Czech Association for Effective Altruism where she works as a Community Director and takes care of day-to-day operations. She was part of the second AI Safety Camp as a Logistics lead and part of on-site ops team. For the next round Kristina will take care of participant coordination and also will be part of the on-site ops team. 


Brandon Perry (Program coordination)
Brandon is the program coordinator for the Third AI Safety Camp, where he is in charge of creating, scheduling, and leading events. He became an organizer after attending the Second AI Safety Camp, where his team worked on policy-making and AI risk. Currently, he lives in Berkeley, California where he does operations at UC Berkeley’s Center for Human-Compatible AI. He expects that the Third AI Safety Camp will be a great time, and he’s excited to meet everyone.


Tomáš Gavenčiak (Supervisor communication, Coaching)
Tomáš is an AI safety researcher who recently transitioned from theoretical CS where he studied graphs, algorithms, complexity and games. His will try to help you with your research and productivity by coaching and advice and is in charge of communication with external researchers.



Johannes Heidecke (Funding, Advisor)
Johannes is a graduate student of artificial intelligence in Barcelona where he is currently writing his thesis on robustness of inverse reinforcement learning. Besides that he is working on a research project of modeling human rationality for value learning. Johannes was a participant of the last AISC in Gran Canaria and took the main responsibility for organizing the next camp in Prague.


Past organizers


Prague (October 2018)

  • Johannes Heidecke (Main coordination)
  • Jan Kulveit (Topic coordination, Johannes’s deputy)
  • Anne Wissemann (Participant coordination)
  • Jiří Nadvorník (Program coordination)
  • Kristina Nemcova (Logistics)
  • Jessica Cooper (Advisor communication)
  • Remmelt Ellen (Advisor)


Gran Canaria (April 2018)

  • Remmelt Ellen
  • Tom McGrath
  • Nandi Schoots
  • David Kristoffersson
  • Linda Linsefors
  • Maia Pasek
  • Markus Salmela
  • Karol Kubicki
  • Anne Wissemann